Rebranding O.W. Loeb

O.W. Loeb

O.W. Loeb

The Brief

O.W. Loeb are respected wine merchants, specialising in wines from Burgundy, Germany and the Rhone. With a rich history dating back to the nineteenth century, O.W. Loeb approached Crab to help with a full rebrand, primarily to express the historic heritage of the company in the digital age.

O.W. Loeb wanted their communications to reflect their ambition and better express their new forward-thinking business objectives. The brand required help to assure clients and growers that they are a dedicated and organised team with excellent taste in wine, offering a modern and responsive service. This meant revisiting their original logotype, replacing it with a new, modern logo which retained a sense of the company’s rich heritage. We also provided extensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent implementation.

The Process

The research The research
The inspiration The inspiration
Design process Design process

The Solution

It was decided that the O.W. should remain part of the name, to make it clear that Loeb is a family name - highlighting the company’s relationship-focused approach to business. The superscript O.W. emphasises the word Loeb - often used as a shorthand for those in the trade.

The final result was a fresh, contemporary logotype which perfectly expressed the heritage of O.W. Loeb. We also devised a supporting icon which was a clear distillation of the final logotype to be used for various practical applications. Both are influenced by the craftsmanship of the hand-rendered sign whilst being cleaner and more precise, optimised for digital spaces and suitable for the company’s printed communications.

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