Breathing life back into the superbrand, Slumberland

175%increased page views
-10%bounce rate
+495%lead referrals to retailers

The short story 

In the mid-80s, mattress manufacturer Slumberland was considered a household name. A focus on retailers over consumers, as well as the entrance of disruptive brands into the category, began to affect their market share.  

Fiora and the Slumberland team worked together to create a long-term vision and digital strategy, centred on a customer-focused approach.


The results 


We began with a hardworking brand in need of a refresh, with an unloved website, forgotten social channels and a focus on retailers rather than customers. With research, creativity, and insight, we transformed the brand to be direct, engaging and fully customer friendly.  

Innovative additions such as the Partnership Program, an e-commerce style website, The Sleep Quiz, and clever designs such as the layered mattress, helped to propel the brand forward and benefit both the customers and the retail partners. Pageviews increased by a sizeable 173%, directly impacting conversions rates, which rose by 138%. On the social media side of things, the introduction of new channels and user-specific content resulted in a rise in engagement of 1557.8% YoY. Slumberland now has a growing and active customer base, clear branding, and high and consistent sales.   

It’s been an incredible journey, but it’s far from over. We have exciting plans to create long-term customer engagement across multiple channels and touchpoints, boost customer retention and help Slumberland regain its Superbrand status. 


Slumberland’s  core audience were young families who were overwhelmed and confused by the amount of choice in the market. Helping them simply navigate this choice was key to our strategy, and we launched a series of initiatives to achieve this.


An web first brand refresh

We began by refreshing the brand identity with a contemporary and fun look & feel, with a strong lifestyle focus to appeal to our core family audience. This was launched through a new website, alongside a simplified customer journey that had the clarity and familiarity of an e-commerce site. Each mattress had a unique, beautifully laid out page that directed users to either try it in-store or buy it online. To maintain clarity and ease of navigation, only the main catalogue of products was visible on the site, while remaining searchable via Google and within the site.  


The Retail Partner Program  

Retailers that had positive customer feedback, a responsive website and successful sales, were rewarded by being invited to join the Partner Program. This would direct specific mattresses on the Slumberland site to their webpage, with a unique tracking code that would automatically report click-through-rates and, most importantly, sales. This not only helped cement the retail relationship moving forward but ensured users were being directed to the best store for their mattress of choice.   


The Sleep Quiz 

To help clarify customer’s options we created The Sleep Quiz — a quick questionnaire that sat on the website homepage. The quiz took into account customer sleeping habits and mattress requirements and, in less than 30 seconds, recommended three tailored mattress options. With just a few clicks, we’d taken away the stress of confusing searches and overwhelming choice, while helping to promote key mattress categories.   

The social journey  

Social media was a key component of our marketing strategy. The cheeky, humorous TOV, direct engagement through post copy and Twitter surveys, and campaign-specific hashtags, such as our BedHabits hashtag, were the perfect recipe to kick start customer growth while positioning Slumberland as an open, customer-first brand.