Visual Search and the end of typing

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Introducing Visii

Our team at Crab is passionate about innovative solutions and technologies that keep the digital world moving forward. That’s why it is particularly exciting to announce our new partnership, that we believe has everything it takes to be a game-changer.

We recently won the pitch with Visii, a startup company providing Visual Search service. If you have never heard of Visual Search before, let us introduce you to this upcoming must-have tool.

Say that you are shopping for new furniture, and you are looking for a Louis XV oak chair with Balmoral Tartan fabric. Well… you might not be that certain of the terms. But you sure have the visual idea in mind, right?

Visii will do the trick. Its image-based search service invites the customers to explore images, clicking through their favourites towards their ideal product. There is no need to type or choose between categories and tags. The AI behind Visii will process their visual preferences and display a personalised selection of products to guide them to discover more, making the search more intuitive, fast and fun.

If you want a taste of it, check out their implementation for Saatchi Art.

Working with Visii has been fascinating, as interfaces become more and more about voice and image recognition, and not so much about typing, we are glad to be working with them to help their team, express a more user-centred online experience.

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