Making fun an augmented reality? Child’s play

Start-Rite's augmented reality app

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Apps, more specifically gaming apps, have been a speciality here at Crab for a while – something that aligns perfectly with our mantra that brands have to make things of value, things that entertain.

An extra dimension
Start-rite, creators of quality children’s footwear, came to us before the busy launch of their back-to-school range to seek Crab’s expertise in how to help them add an extra dimension to their communication materials during this crucial selling period. As a brand they are very much focused on offering the most up to date and innovative service, something which is reflected in their comprehensive digital materials for parents who want to measure at home and buy online.

To continue this ethos, and branch out into a new channel, we have worked closely with Start-rite to create its first gaming app. School shoes often come with gimmicky toys or hidden compartments which, whilst appealing to children, often have a negative effect on the comfort and durability of the shoe. Instead Start-rite is focused on creating products with ‘child appeal’; creating an extra aspect to the shoe without sacrificing quality. To add the child appeal to two shoes in the new range, Princess Serena and Hat trick, we created two interactive AR games which are triggered by the shoe box.

As you hold the camera over the Hat Trick box a goal appears and you are able to take shots at a fully customisable goal keeper.


Similarly, with the Princess Serena box, when you hover over the box with your tablet, a castle appears and you begin to play Charm Quest, a game requiring you to collect jewels as they descend from the top of the screen.

New territory
We love taking clients into new territory and it has been a pleasure to realise this new, interactive, digital execution for Start-rite. Even if the kids in testing scored more goals and collected more jewels than we could…

If you want to experience the games, please download the App from Google or the Apple App Store (search for Start-rite). Then point the game once loaded to either images below and enjoy.

We’ve since added an updated version of the game with two new games which coincided with a competition for winning 3D printed versions of the game characters and where featured in the TVC campaign.

The menu screen


The models before their coat of paint


Still from the TVC shoot


The Final TVC


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