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Whilst working with Drambuie on their global digital marketing strategy, they approached us about helping them solve some significant usability issues that they were experiencing with their global asset management website. Their existing assets’ site was old and confusing to navigate. The content had become disorganised over time and the whole site was a little neglected. This had resulted in a situation where people avoided using it, instead turning to the marketing team to request assets which was becoming a big drain on their resources.

It was clear that the old site was no longer fit for purpose so together we embarked on a project to create a new site aimed at making communication and asset sharing a simpler, more engaging and fluid navigation experience.

Information Architecture


Our first task was to evaluate the information architecture on the site. The content was not grouped in a way that users were able to navigate instinctively and this was causing confusion for both content seekers and content posters. So we began by re-grouping content into more natural categories to create a more navigable information hierarchy.


Another important factor that we considered was that certain categories were bound to amass a greater volume of content over time than others – either due to multiple file formats needing to be available or regular version updates. We needed to find a solution that allowed users to filter results. We looked at a number of solutions for this:

Nesting – nesting the same content that was uploaded in different file formats (e.g. JPGs,TIFFs,)

Filtering – Having a number of categories and then tags allowed the users to quickly filter down a category that had an extensive back catalogue.

Search – The ultimate UX shortcut and friend of the time-poor marketing manager.


The next challenge was to identify and set up a range of user access categories that would allow the Drambuie team to assign different access rights to different types of user. This was an essential requirement that would allow Drambuie to stay in control of the content being uploaded to the site as well as to help control who has access to what content. This would allow, for example, the ability to limit access to business-sensitive data .  So we created several tiers of access with additional access rights controls for individual users.

  • Tier 1 users – Download / Upload / Edit / Delete
  • Tier 2 users – Download / Upload
  • Tier 3 users – Download



Drambuie also wanted to encourage more engagement within the site itself, so we devised a process that would allow users to leave feedback on the ever expanding / evolving pool of resources.

By giving the users an opportunity to rate the quality / usefulness of the assets it would help tier 1 users evaluate the worth of the upload and weed out poor content which would, in-turn, reduce the volume of content that users previously had to wade through.

The Drambuie team were delighted with the new resource. Drambuie brand managers and agencies across the globe now have easy access to a wealth of brand resources and the asset requests dropped off dramatically with immediate effect, allowing the team to return their focus to building the brand.

If you’d like to find out more about this project please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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