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Generating sales through Facebook - Red or Dead

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Agencies and brands alike have taken to the web to bemoan the huge reductions in organic reach offered by Facebook as a platform.

Many see it as a cynical ploy to generate more ad revenue and this may well be true but regardless of your viewpoint one thing is certain: it’s not going away and if anything, it’s going to get worse. We are always pushing for platform independent content strategies to prepare for situations such as this, rather than simply telling our clients ‘Unfortunately Facebook organic reach has changed and if you want to stay there you need to pay.’

As many have already done, we decided to be more objective with our assessment of the platform and its value to our clients. And so to the question: what to do with Facebook now and in the near future? One of the most important questions we wanted to answer in this evaluation was whether we can generate direct sales from the Facebook page. Paying to have your posts seen on Facebook quickly becomes a non-issue if you can see tangible sales that far exceed the investment in promoted posts. To answer this query we created trackable URLs for product posts that would show us traffic and conversions. This way we could attribute direct sales from Facebook activity. Social ROI, the holy grail!



Without revealing too much, we’re pleased to say that initial results are very promising, as you can see by this post above. Not only did they buy, they came back to share their excitement! So Facebook, looks like you proved your value, for now…

Take a look at the infographic we put together in order to help break down the data taken from the Red or Dead Facebook profile. It showcases the success of the hard work that the team at Crab put into the content, social management and optimising the platform for Red or Dead.



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