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After more than a decade spent nestled above the bright lights of Shoreditch High Street, this year we bid farewell to our long-serving office home at no.176 in search of pastures new.

If you ever visited us in Shoreditch you’ll know our old office space felt, well, a bit “straight-laced” and also rather cramped. Add an eclectic bunch of individuals plus the creative work we’re constantly outputting to the mix, and you’ve got a dichotomy on your hands. In short, we’d outgrown the place and an upgrade was due. 

Anyone who’s searched for a new flat in London will know that it’s nigh on impossible to find the perfect property on time and within budget, but after a rigorous stint of real estate enquiries and countless visits to office spaces in all four corners of London (hat tips to Lucy and Simon for their unrelenting dedication here), we eventually stumbled across a real gem in Clerkenwell that ticked almost all of the boxes.

Signing on the dot just before Christmas, we officially moved into our new home on the 3rd floor of Laser House, Goswell Road, on January 15th.

Since then, the final nuts and bolts have been tightened, the remaining nails banged in and the last strokes of paint applied.

The space is a breath of fresh air and feels like a proper home. With high ceilings, huge windows that get all the morning and afternoon sun, a south-facing 30ft roof terrace and plenty of new interior additions (including a great new sound system and various other gizmos), the past two months have been bliss. 

Interesting fact about our new home: the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress was designed in this very same room back in 2011. We’re told the building was effectively on lock-down for the duration with armed guards stationed throughout the premises! 

Some people scoff at creative agencies who spend a few extra pennies on office decor, seeing it as extravagant and unnecessary, but I couldn’t disagree more; I think an office environment that feels good makes you feel good too. And if you feel good, your work is likely to be better. Win, win in my opinion.

Although we’re still not far from the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch, Clerkenwell feels a touch more sophisticated and a bit calmer but maybe that’s because we’ve swapped Tesco Express for a Waitrose and Pret A Manger for Counter Kitchen Coffee…

If you’ve not popped in to say hi and see our new digs yet, you know where to find us. In the meantime though, take a peek around below. 

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