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Haribo's jubilee celebration adds 35,000 fans in 2 days

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The big idea
To commemorate the activity around the Jubilee Celebrations, what better way then to produce a unique one-off piece of sweety art to help support our Union Jack branded Star Mix bag. Sharing the film with our Facebook community acted as the traffic driver for our fans to take part in their own unique piece of jubilee art. Over 10,000 virtual pieces came together to create a virtual portrait of The Queen. The users were then invited to select a sweet and activate that specific part of the picture.



Getting visibility
A combination of seeding the film, our Facebook community and the rather nice addition of the Film reaching position 3 in the Telegraphs top ten viral films of the week drove traffic to our microsite and over the Jubilee celebrations we timed the final sweet activation perfectly, leading to the climax of the weekend’s festivities.

The reaction
Over the Jubilee weekend we added an additional 35,000 fans to the Haribo Facebook page, with over 80% of those fans liking our page organically. The combination of an engaging Facebook activity, the seeded film and a little bit of media spend created some incredible return on investment results for Haribo.
Please check out our youtube channel for more examples of video work.
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