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Facebook advertising is constantly evolving and finding the right balance to fully maximise your budget can be challenging. However, with Facebook’s ad platform being refined and adjusted frequently they have been able to deliver a working UI that is simple to use and, if you’re savvy with your targeting, generate fantastic results.

Pride in Value
We have always prided ourselves on generating the lowest CPF (Cost Per Fan) in the industry. Recently two of our clients required Fan growth services, both with different budgets and objectives. One was a mix of promotional posts and fan generation while the other wanted purely fan generation. For our first client we started off with the promotional and fan generation running at the same time while targeting different groups of users. The fan generation campaign started strongly while the promotional posts lacked the push we wanted.



Over the course of the five-day campaign we mixed and matched target groups to maximise results. In the end the client came out with a staggering 1000 new fans at a CPF (Cost per fan) of 16p! Beat that! The second client was more straight forward. After discussing a variety of target groups and adjusting them the campaign quickly began to reach its full potential; we set up the recruitment to take place over a seven-day period. Again we saw amazing results and the client gained 1300 fans at a cost of CPF of 19p!

Exceeding expectations
Both campaigns exceeded even our high standards and again set a new benchmark for incredibly low CPF rates. With the mix of unique content and a strong budget we were able to smash our clients KPIs while still keeping the engagement levels high.

If you’d like to chat with us about this key and ever evolving platform and how we can get help you get the most out of it, please do get in touch.


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