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Global campaigns are one area of strategy that always gets the Social team here at Crab excited and are a particular specialism of ours. Specifically, we have done a lot of work helping clients manage global Facebook pages. Why do we relish jobs like this? A global content and management strategy presents a number of fascinating challenges.

Firstly, you have to account for the numerous cultural differences and tastes of several different countries. You have to consider not only the content they will enjoy but also their diverse usage habits on different social platforms.

Secondly, you have to understand the different Community Managers and agencies responsible for execution and management on a local level for a brand. Skill sets and experience can range dramatically from country to country.

Drambuie came to Crab with the challenge of tying together a set of fragmented Facebook pages from across the globe with varying levels of community size, content quality and engagement levels. So where to start when trying to implement a more cohesive strategy to improve both recruitment, engagement and positive sentiment?


To start with we set about producing a set of 10 global posts per month, which would be distributed to all markets to use at their discretion throughout the month. These would supplement, not replace, local content. What this allowed us to do was inject some standardisation into the quality, tone of voice and overall brand message of posts on each page, whilst still allowing the local teams to create content that resonated well with the audience they know best.

Immediately we started to see a significant boost in engagement following the use of these posts.

Posts Before – a typical post prior to Crab’s involvement

Posts After – a selection of posts developed by the Crab Social Team



Next we needed to provide a more uniform way of bench-marking and reporting activity on the pages to ensure we could track growth and adjust where necessary if the numbers started to dip. This is where we devised a unique set of bespoke monthly reports. We understood that we needed to be careful about how we distributed instructions to local managers so as not to appear dogmatic or dictatorial in our advice and cause a negative reaction. The reports we designed simply outlined some of the key statistics (fan growth, engagement and reach) whilst using positive reinforcement to highlight successful posts and provide balanced notes and advice.

We also wanted to reduce the fragmented nature of the pages by increasing communication between the different markets so that we could share successes and failures and ultimately grow the content strategy efficiently and dynamically on a global scale with everyone’s input. We also wanted to add some friendly competition between markets by highlighting the top performing countries each month, along with the best posts.

The reaction to these reports was very exciting! After taking the top spot for the first two months Australia were knocked from their perch by Russia. The following month they pulled out all the stops to ensure they regained their title. By using this method we were able to enthuse the markets to pay attention to not only their own engagement figures but also the performance of the other pages in the global mix. The overall benefit being a much more motivated and engaged global page for Drambuie.

Global Migration

After the initial steps had been implemented and the global initiative had been absorbed by the local markets we worked with Facebook to migrate all of the separate pages into a ‘Global Page’. This is a function available to brands on Facebook which pools all of the ‘likes’ of a brand into one vanity number at the top of the page while automatically detecting and distributing content to the relevant markets based on a fan’s location.


In the first four months of the global initiative we saw dramatic increases in fan recruitment and also steady increases in engagement and organic reach.

The visual style of the pages was far more uniform and the local markets started taking inspiration from the globals posts and creating their own with a similar visual tone and level of creativity.

The page has continued to go from strength to strength and we have enjoyed the process of implementing another successful global strategy, and content series, which we are extremely proud of.

So what’s the secret to a great global campaign? Creativity, collaboration and competition!


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