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Cortado Campaign

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This summer Crab were excited to work with Caffè Nero.

Caffè Nero approached us with a brief to launch a new drink, the Cortado, to their customers on Facebook. The idea needed to illustrate what makes the Cortado different and educate the audience on the relationship between Espresso and milk, allowing them to order in store with confidence. The content also needed to work in three very different markets.

A few members of the team headed on over to Caffè Nero head office in Covent Garden for a tasting session and to get to know a little more about the product. We learnt that the coffee was incredibly light and almost sweet in taste. The barista described the Cortado as ‘more milk than a Macchiato but with more punch than a Flat White,’ making this coffee the perfect post-lunch pick me up.

With this in mind and a slight caffeine buzz, we began our creative process. After extensive research we discovered that Cortado, which translated means “the cut”, refers to the milk cutting the Espresso. As the drink settles, you can see the silkiness of milk and Espresso combined with 0.5cm of micro-foam settling on top.

We needed to find a simple solution, which brought the Cortado to life in a way that customers could immediately understand and see the difference between the Cortado and the other drinks in their menu. The result is a sleek, bite-size, sundial like piece of content perfect for social. Shot top down the video visually communicates the key differences between the Cortado, Macchiato and Flat White and illustrates how it is the perfect post-lunch coffee.

This is our first campaign with Caffè Nero and something that we are very excited to be involved with. We have really enjoyed working with the Caffè Nero team, combining our creativity with theirs and producing such a neat piece of content, that really supports their brand values and aesthetic.

Please view our video below:

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