Bingo! An Exciting Announcement!

An out of this world site re-design & launch campaign for Club 3000 Bingo

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Here at Crab, we recently picked up our dabbers and got our eyes down to see how we could take Club 3000 Bingo’s offering, turn it into something unique and then build an innovative campaign – alongside a full website redesign.

We completed a full redesign of Club 3000’s old website, supported  with a campaign of activity including videos, promotion and brand collateral – as well as Club 3000’s new bingo ambassador, Ognib.

So we’re excited to announce the launch of Club 3000 Bingo’s brand new website:

With all of the preparation in place, from a well-thought out branding phase, to a fully optimised website design, to a strategically planned campaign, we’re finally ready for lift off. In 5…4…3…2…1…watch this space.



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