A Lab Day Out With A Large Helping of Bacon

Dracula, Zombies, Mr Krueger, Jason and his pals have all sent the proverbial shiver up our collective spines but nothing fills a Crab-A-Naught with more fear than the Friday morning Bacon Butty Run. 

The poor individual who is brave enough to step forward and take on the Friday morning challenge is usually reduced to tears. The volume and complexity of orders alone are enough to warrant a spread sheet, coupled to certain individuals more eclectic tastes and bizarre requests for sauces, toasted bread products and fillings, the poor individual is left with only one certainty 'Order Failure'.

Slowly trudging the damp hipster street back to our Shoreditch hangout from the local CafĂ©, a tear slowly rolling down his or her cheek. As dark brooding clouds slowly form. He / She enters the building, hand grasping the paper bags full of Bacon, Eggs and other deliciously naughty breakfast ingredients. The bags are placed on our kitchen table and the vultures circle and the nagging and moaning begins...

White bread! I said brown and to toast the bread, I can't eat this!
I wanted mushrooms, where are my mushrooms?
Why is my bacon not crispy?
Hey where is my fried egg? 
I wanted brown sauce and so on. Our hero is left shaking with frustration, their kind act reduce to ridicule and humiliation. 

Well fret no more my dear fellow, Crab has your back. In our recent Hack day we solved a problem that did not need solving with our keen eye for detail and massive combined intellect in a single day, no more will the Butty Run fill us with fear, no more will Whitfield cry, Will shout, Alex fuss and James threaten to cast a spell on the individual brave enough to run the gauntlet of fried breakfast components. 

A key feature to a Crab Lab Day is setting goals and challenges. Alex, Will and Whitfield were keen to set the goals and agenda, which was then shared across the team a few days prior to our Lab Day. Feedback and thoughts were collated a consensus was reached and the final Crab Lab Project sheet was produced and shared. (Wonderfully presented by Will below) 

The day inevitably started slowly as coffee and breakfast orders were taken, re-taken and changed for the 8th time. The process began with our usual brain storm. Ideas and processes were discussed, what can be achieved in the time frame what is vital what is not. With one eye on the clock and Fast Fail principles we started scribbling and arguing. 

Will leading the team through the various parts of the project and day

Various stages from brain storming to interface and user journey development 

How do you get all the potential ingredients for a breakfast sandwich from a group of individuals in a timely and accurate fashion.  Then deal with the additional data, e.g. fried, boiled scrambled, brown bread or white? The focus on delivering a product that will deliver to the group their specified deliciously gooey breakfast delight. 

With the scope discussed and agreed. The wireframes were worked up and the user journey tested.  The work load was broken down and handed out to the respective teams. The various elements began to come together.

Initial visuals of the food assest for the site

The pressure is on. The teams start to refine, fettle and tweak their work

Logo development and final execution 

Well a fantastic day full of energy, a few new skills learnt and a lot of positive thought. Was it worth it? Yes! Will we be doing it again? Absolutely. Take a look at the site, use it and let us know what you think Bap Dash


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