Red or Dead - Celebrating 30 Years

Red or Dead 30th Anniversary Exhibition Last week Crab was lucky enough to be invited to the 30th Anniversary Red or Dead Exhibition launch at the Dray Walk Gallery on Brick Lane. The exhibition charted Red or Dead’s evolution from market stall to cult label, the collections, beautifully presented, certainly twanged a few nostalgic heart strings (having personally forged my own career from humble beginnings on Camden Market).

To give you a little bit of the history, Red or Dead had sixteen stalls within its first year, which evolved into stores across Camden and Manchester. As the brand developed they decided to expand into shoemaking, a move which would crystalise Red or Dead as an iconic British Institution. Since then the Red or Dead offering has grown from spectacles to swimwear and even a set of customised bikes, all created in the unmistakable Red or Dead style.

In short, the exhibition was simply brilliant. Red or Dead made great use of the space and picked some of the standout pieces from each of the collections across the decades for attendees to discover and discuss. It certainly was a privilege to attend, enjoy the collections and rub shoulders with the Red or Dead faithful. Here’s to another 30 years! 


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